What Causes Water Damage?

Extreme Weather

Weather, in its tamest state, can awe even the hardest of hearts. But when the winds pick up and the rains pour down, we remember its awful power all the more.

In a single year, Americans endure twelve named storms, six regular hurricanes, and three major hurricanes. Ready or not, we must prepare for whatever damage the weather decides to dish out.

From thunderstorms to flash floods, any natural tragedy can disrupt the peaceful state of our homes. These phenomena can break pipes, damage shingles, and fill basements. No matter what area they injure, the risk of water invading the home increases all the more.

Faulty Equipment

Stop and ask yourself how much water you use on a daily basis. Every time you wash your hands, fill a cup, or take a shower. Each action whittles down its corresponding equipment until that pipe, gutter, or machine eventually breaks.

Homeowners rarely conduct routine maintenance checks to ensure their equipment is up to snuff. This allows clogged gutters to overflow, blocked drains to backup, and cracked pipes to leak.

Keep an eye on your water heaters, in particular. 75% of heaters fail before their 12th year of service. Considering that homeowners stay in one residence for an average of 13 years, yours could be nearing its demise.