What Causes House Fires?

Cooking Accidents

Be honest: have you ever left food on the stove while you went into another room? If so, you’re not alone – the National Fire Protection Association claims unattended cooking causes more household fires than anything else.

Instead of leaving the food to fend for itself, stay at its side at all times. If you must temporarily depart, request that a responsible adult acts as your substitute.

Cooking poses enough risks in its very nature and leaving it to its own devices is only inviting danger. However, even the most attentive chefs can suffer from an unexpected eruption. Keep a Class B fire extinguisher on hand at all times to stop any fires before they spread.

Portable and Permanent Heaters

Space heaters can thaw even the coldest rooms in the thick of winter, but they pose a threat too. Should any of them linger too close to flammable materials, such as curtains or blankets, those fabrics could combust. Position heaters on a smooth, flat surface far from anything that could catch fire.

While portable heaters can cause problems, so too can permanent fixtures – say, a furnace. Homeowners ought to invite a professional to inspect and repair their furnaces on an annual basis. If not, the contaminants and cracked fixtures can create carbon monoxide or cause the machine to explode.

Faulty Wiring

Well-installed wiring will remain invisible on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore its risks. Improper electrical work or dying wires can cause power sources, such as strips or fuses, to blow.

What are the signs of impending danger? Keep an eye out for flickering or dimmed lights, which indicate a weakening amount of channeled power. Should the power die altogether when multiple machines are in use, then the power source is in danger of overheating.

Any of these problems merit a call to a professional electrician who can repair, reposition, or replace any needed wires. Having a smoke alarm installed will help alert you to any fires while an extinguisher can help you contain them.