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6 Stats All Homeowners need to know
of water heaters fail before they are 12 years old
of basements get some water damage during lifetime
annual cost insurance companies from water damage and mold
Average cost of a home water damage claim
people in the U.S. experience water damage every day
average age of failed washing machine supply hoses
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What Causes Water Damage?
Water integrates itself into every element of our lives, from nature to hygiene. Given its prevalence, it comes as no surprise that any number of causes can initiate an unwanted flood
Extreme Weather
Weather, in its tamest state, can awe even the hardest of hearts. But when the winds pick up and the rains pour down, we remember its awful power all the more.

In a single year, Americans endure twelve named storms, six regular hurricanes, and three major hurricanes. Ready or not, we must prepare for whatever damage the weather decides to dish out.

From thunderstorms to flash floods, any natural tragedy can disrupt the peaceful state of our homes. These phenomena can break pipes, damage shingles, and fill basements. No matter what area they injure, the risk of water invading the home increases all the more.
Stop and ask yourself how much water you use on a daily basis. Every time you wash your hands, fill a cup, or take a shower. Each action whittles down its corresponding equipment until that pipe, gutter, or machine eventually breaks.

Homeowners rarely conduct routine maintenance checks to ensure their equipment is up to snuff. This allows clogged gutters to overflow, blocked drains to backup, and cracked pipes to leak.

Keep an eye on your water heaters, in particular. 75% of heaters fail before their 12th year of service. Considering that homeowners stay in one residence for an average of 13 years, yours could be nearing its demise.
Faulty Equipment
The Four Types of Water Containment
Whether you’ve withstood a minor leak or a massive flood, the state of your home falls into one of four categories. These categories span a scale from 1 to 4, with 1 being the safest and 4 signifying significant damage. Understanding these labels allows homeowners to communicate efficiently and effectively with insurance companies and restoration corporations.
Category 1
Should your water have come from sanitary sources, such as rainstorms or snowfall, consider it a Category 1 ordeal. Any Category 1 incidents deal with water that has not undergone substantial contamination.

Even water from within one’s home can fall under the umbrella of Category 1. Water hearts and, surprisingly, toilet tanks contain few pollutants that would exacerbate the situation.
Category 2
Unlike its predecessor, Category 2 contains water that has come into contact with contaminants. This liquid can inflict those in its immediate vicinity with a variety of illnesses. While the danger is not overwhelming, residents should avoid touching the affected areas directly.

What commonly causes Category 2 incidents? Household appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines, release pollutants found on dishes and clothing upon discharge. Likewise, should aquariums or waterbeds break, the bodily fluids contained therein can infect others.
Category 3
Whereas Category 2 water is associated with minor pollutants, Category 3 deals with toxigenic, pathogenic, or other high-risk contaminants. Severe illness befalls anyone who would dare deal with these waters on their own.

How do these dangers infiltrate our homes? Category 3 damage occurs primarily through natural disasters such as floods, storms, and hurricanes. The water that seeps in from sewage systems and seas alike can carry unclean debris that our homes absorb.
Category 4
In contrast to the former three levels, Category 4 deals less with bodily diseases and more with structural damage. Whenever water has seeped into the plaster, wood, or concrete of a home, Category 4 damage is sure to follow.

These perilous situations require pricey solutions. While often time-consuming and financially-draining, the right water restoration company can bring your home back to life. With us, you’ll worry less about your wallet and look forward all the more to your revitalized residence.
The Dangers of Water Damage
Water Can Damage Your Property
Of all the devastation water causes, no destruction compares to that which the house itself faces. The initial outburst can obliterate pipelines and dampen furniture without hope of salvaging either.

But the wreckage extends beyond the moment of impact. Carpets, ceilings, walls – all risk ruination should the outbreak not be contained soon enough. While you may replace a rug, replicating priceless heirlooms and official documentation is an ordeal all its own.
Water Can Degrade Your Mental Health
More than just the body suffers throughout the restoration process – mental health can decline just as quickly. With stress as the primary cause of sickness, it’s no surprise that flooding can ail the body and mind alike. Anxiety and depression can reach all-time highs when displaced from one’s residence and land in debt instead.
Water Can Diminish Your Physical Health
Depending on the category of the damage, contaminants can sweep through one’s home and infect the inhabitants. Tragic occurrences would elicit a swift escape that ushers residents outside before risking contamination. However, unseen instances can create underlying health issues without homeowners ever recognizing their true cause.

Should water linger within one’s walls, that moisture can turn into a breeding ground for mold. This fungus inflates the chances of suffering from respiratory issues, such as asthma attacks or coughing fits. If black mold enters the picture, those risks only escalate all the more, causing chronic fatigue and even internal bleeding.
Water Can Welcome Uninvited Pests
Mold won’t be the only new inhabitant of a flooded structure – bugs make themselves at home too. While certain insects stay away from moist environments, others consider it the ideal atmosphere.

Certain invaders, like cockroaches, cause no physical harm but can scare inhabitants and act as universal signs of filth. Others, such as silverfish, can feast on any remaining furniture left in the water’s wake.
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